About our Ponies and other Animals!

We love our animals almost as much as a mother would love her child. They are cared for and fed each and every day just like a mother would.

We book about 200 events per year, so our animals are use to being around both adults and children. All of our ponies have given hundreds of rides and thousands of children have fallen in love with them! Our ponies, animals and your child's safety always comes first, no exceptions! From time to time we will insist that both adults and children act in a manner that is responsible and safe around our animals. Simple rules like limiting the number of children in contact with an animal at any given time will help ensure a relaxed atmosphere for the animals and patrons.

The events we do can range from just a few to over 100 people at a time. Most of our clients book us year after year, every year! If absolutely necessary we can provide you with a reference or two; However, in order to avoid invading our clients privacy we have decided not to lists names and phone numbers with customer quotes. But here are a few for you to see.

"They were on time and their ponies appeared to be well taken care of. Both the kids and the adults had an exceptionally good time. It was the best birthday party I have ever been to!"

"We use this company every year for the last four years. We had used others in the past and were disappointed. A friend of mine referred this company to us and have been using them ever since!"

"As promised with no surprises. We received free of charge a gorgeous 11 x 14 collage of my daughter on the pony. It now hangs on our wall next to my father's picture from when he was a little boy and had his picture taken on a pony, very special memories!"

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